Learn the EXACT Secrets and Steps to Using Crystals and Stones Even if You Are a Complete Beginner
Discover the Ultimate Crystal Success Bundle Developed From Decades of Results
Kathy E.,
Ultimate Crystal Success Bundle Student
"I always collected crystals, but had no idea how to use them. The Ultimate Crystal Success Bundle taught me the easy steps on how to use crystals...and the common mistakes to avoid. WOW! What a difference! Now that I actually know what I'm doing,  I'm experiencing awesome results including a number of new business opportunities coming my way! 

Chelsea here, from the Natural Products Network...

The Natural Products Network has enabled me to work with 300+ Wellness Companies, appear on 100+ TV segments on FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC and THE WB, and share my knowledge of natural living strategies from decades spent studying with prominent natural healers. 

And I feel strongly that using crystals has helped me achieve this success.

You are probably thinking, "But how exactly did crystals help you achieve these goals!?". . . and "Will crystals to work for me?"

I get it, I'm a skeptical person myself. 

One of the best explanations I've found on how crystal energy works is the piezoelectric effect. Simply put, this describes how crystals harness and emit energy. For instance, quartz watch movement utilizes crystal energy to keep time. 

But, the key is to learn HOW to properly use crystals to take advantage of crystal energy! I have had the VERY fortunate experience to spend nearly my entire life studying with crystal energy experts. 

So, if you want to learn how to use crystals, then you are definitely in the right place!

Here’s why:

For the first time, I am taking the decades I’ve spent studying with crystal energy masters and sharing the key secrets and steps.

FINALLY, you can learn the right way to use crystals and stones . . . which can be life-transforming like it has been for me!

(. . . even if have never used crystals and stones before and are a complete beginner!)
Targeted Crystal Course and Guides
Think of the numerous benefits of quickly and easily mastering the key secrets and steps to using crystals. . .

In this training, you’ll learn the vital information for how to use crystals and stones according to the ancient energetic rules. 

Before this course, this information was only found in ancient books and teachings from crystal masters. 

Consider all the time you'll save learning from the decades I've spent gathering and successfully using this information!

Among the important things I'll show you is how to respect the energetic rules when using crystals to attract love or money. 💸

Plus, you don’t need any experience to learn how to use crystals, nor do you have to be a ‘healer.”

You can learn the right way to use crystals without having to invest in an expensive course, pour through ancient books or try to build elaborate crystal grids that don’t even align with you. Let me show you HOW inside of this course.
Learn the EXACT Steps to Mastering the Art of Using Crystals
Want to learn the EXACT seven steps to using crystals and stones?

In this quick moving and action-packed course . . . I’ll give you the blueprint I've spent decades learning so you can quickly start using crystal energy to enhance your life!

By the end of this training, you’ll have MASTERED crystal healing . . . so you never second guess how to use crystals for your business, love life, friendships and more!

If you've ever wanted to go from “sorta knowing” about crystals, to completely understanding how to use them . . . then you need THIS crystal training. 💯 

Within the course, you'll find these four targeted guides. . .
How to Set an Intention Guide
Learning this VITAL first step is crucial to your crystal success! 

I’ll show you, (step-by-step) the very FIRST thing to do when using crystals and how to double check to ensure you did it correctly.

You’ll learn how to set an intention within your crystal practice (this ancient art is almost lost. . .so I'm so happy to share it with you!) 

So if you REALLY want to know how to get started the RIGHT WAY with crystals to attract, respect and utilize crystal energy. . . then this guide is where you begin!
Cleanse, Detox and Align Crystal Energy Guide
The truth is, unless you CLEANSE, DETOX and ALIGN your crystals you can’t make them work for you.
In this training, you’ll learn how to clear and detox your crystals and stones and how to align them to YOUR individual energy.

I’ll show you how to attune your crystals and stones to your specific energetic goals! The best part!? . . .

Once you connect with your crystals, it makes a HUGE difference in what you get out of them! This has been absolutely VITAL to my crystal success! 

So if you want to monetize your crystal practice, become a crystal expert, and get the most out of your crystals and stones… then this guide will show you how to cleanse, detox and align your crystals TO YOU!
Clearing Energy Chakras Guide
Do you know how to use crystals to clear your energy chakras to remove stagnant energy holding you back?
When I first started learning about crystal energy. . . I had no idea how MUCH clearing my energy chakras would enhance my life.

Now that I’ve learned how to effectively use crystals to clear my energy chakras I can't wait to share this awesome info with you! 🙌

The fact is that if you want to attract the right energy into your life, you need to clear energy blocks within your body. . .

This isn’t complicated. You know that when ANYTHING is stagnant and backed up in the body it leads to problems...like congestion and not feeling your best.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to use crystals to unblock your energy centers and clear negative energy holding you back from your goals.
Money Magnet Crystal Energy Guide
FINALLY, discover the key rules to using crystals to create positive energy surrounding money.

This is the MOST important information you need if you are using your crystals to attract financial abundance.

You’ll learn the exact steps to build powerful money magnet crystal energy AND WHAT TO AVOID! (Seriously, most make KEY mistakes when using crystals to attract money.)

This info is ESSENTIAL to using crystals and stones specifically to attract financial abundance.⚡️

So. . .If you want to learn how to energize your crystals specifically for money flow . . then this Money Magnet Crystal Energy Guide is exactly what you need.
Don't you love bonuses?! These special bonuses will help you take your crystal experience to the next level!
BONUS #1 - Crystal Club Membership. With the Crystal Club you'll get special discounts on crystals and wellness products and resources to start or expand a business in the healing arts. Get an immediate $7 OFF coupon you can use to purchase crystals. You can unsubscribe at anytime. 

BONUS #2 - Crystals for Business Guide. This special guide gives you specific tips on how to use crystals in your business and career. You'll even learn how course creator, Chelsea, uses crystal energy to help her attract career opportunities such as woking with large scale wellness companies and appearing on more than a hundred TV segments!

Get Your Special Crystal Success Discount Now

Normally, the Crystal Success Bundle would cost upward of $300 OR MORE for all the expert instruction.

Seriously, crystal instruction like this that shares decades of research, study and insight into ancient teachings from crystal healing experts can cost you as much as a $1,000!

..and this is NOT one of those flimsy courses that offers no real value or direction ... and will actually put you on the WRONG PATH. . .

. . . this is the real deal way to learn everything you need to know about using crystals at the best price! 🥳

Which means you can get the Ultimate Crystal Success Bundle today . . . for just one easy payment of $27.

Yep, Just $27.

And you get the Ultimate Crystal Success Bundle instantly.

As soon as you purchase the bundle, you’ll get an email with a link to access the program and guides.

Plus, you can have ongoing access so you can continue to use these teachings!

Oh, and in case you are wondering . . .
If you’re thinking, “$27 is cheap . . . come on can this be true?” then here is my answer:
    1. After spending decades studying with natural healers, I have experienced and witnessed life-changing events using simple natural tools. Thus, it is in my DNA to spread healing information to anyone who wants it! 😉

    2. The low price gives people access and weeds out those who are just looking for freebies. This program is for people who will take action . . . and in my experience charging even a small amount attracts the right people who are serious about making a change!

    3. I believe that all healing information needs to come from a reputable source at the best possible price! The Natural Products Network is an industry leader and has appeared on FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC and THE WB sharing information about natural wellness strategies.

So what you see here is what you get… the exact information you need to help you get the crystal results you want!

But with all that said, PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND!
Make Sure You Get it Today ⏳
I feel strongly this is the best crystal success program offered online . . . and this is a VERY LOW PRICE for all this amazing info! 

Perhaps too low…

The Crystal Success Bundle is only available at this AMAZING LOW PRICE of just $27 RIGHT NOW. . .

Once this expires, you’ll never see it at this price again!

This is truly a limited offer so make sure to claim your spot now before it expires!


I put my heart, soul and experience into creating the Ultimate Crystal Success Bundle.

So here’s my guarantee to you:

Try the program . . . and if you don’t love it, you can ask for a refund within 15 days.

This gives you NO RISK, so you can start your crystal journey today!

So this is really a win-win for you either way!

Option 1: You invest $27 today and love the program.

Or . . .

Option 2: You sign up today, but realize it’s not for you within 15 days. . . and you get a full refund.

Here's What You Get:

  • Crystal Masterclass: Learn The EXACT Rules and Steps to Using Crystals. 
  • Start the RIGHT WAY: Understand How to Get Started with Crystals (This First Step is Vital to Getting Results!)
  • Prepare Your Crystals: Cleanse, Detox and Align Crystal Energy to Your Goals. 
  • Remove Energetic Blocks: Combat Stagnant Energy Holding You Back.  
  • ​Avoid Common Mistakes: Learn the Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes With Crystals and Discover The Right Approach. 
  • Choose the Best Crystals For You: Learn How to Select The Best Crystals For Your Goals. (This is Different Than You Think!)
  • Learn Money and Love Rules: Find Out the Ancient Rules and Steps to Using Crystals to Attract Money, Love and the Right Opportunities.
  • ​Crystals for Business: Get the Specific Details on How to Use Crystals for Business Success.
  • Get Decades of Expert Teachings, Research, Practice and Results in The Ultimate Crystal Course Bundle!
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